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Height: 50 cm / 20 in

Sigvard, the tall and dapper gnome that effortlessly commands attention with his elegant presence, is a distinguished creation by Asas Tomtebod. Standing tall and regal, Sigvard’s grey felted hat and body exude an air of sophistication, while his luxurious sheepskin beard cascades gracefully, telling tales of timeless wisdom. With his charming two little feet grounding him in tradition, Sigvard’s handcrafted allure is a testament to the meticulous artistry that defines Asas Tomtebod. A perfect match for his beloved Sigrid, let Sigvard’s charismatic aura and connection with his gnome partner infuse your space with a touch of enchantment, elevating your decor to a realm of everlasting elegance and companionship.

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