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Lagom Ceramic Mug


Large ceramic mug featuring the definition of the Swedish word Lagom. “Lagom” reflects the Swedish cultural value of finding a balanced and harmonious approach to life, work, relationships, and various aspects of daily living. It suggests avoiding extremes and excesses and instead embracing a sense of contentment and sufficiency. When Swedes use the term “lagom” they imply that something is not too much or too little but just the right amount. It can apply to various situations, such as food portions, work-life balance, consumption of resources, and even social interactions. In essence, “lagom” encourages moderation, fairness, and a sense of collective responsibility. It is a concept deeply ingrained in Swedish society, emphasizing the importance of being mindful, considerate, and living in harmony with others and the environment. “Lagom” represents the idea of living a balanced and sustainable life, contributing to the overall well-being and happiness of individuals and communities.

The text is printed on a white ceramic base with a glossy finish. The mug features a C-shaped, large easy to grip handle. One size: 20oz (0.6l)
Material: durable white ceramic Glossy finish Dishwasher & Microwave Safe!

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