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Handmade by Asas Tomtebod, Sweden

Height: 25 cm/10 in

Introducing Alfred, a trio of charming gnomes that’s made with a wood base, a delightful creation by Asas Tomtebod. With their distinctive tall and slender felted hats featuring a playful curl at the top, Alfred gnomes are available in three captivating colors: sophisticated grey, classic red, and timeless green. Their whimsical charm is further enhanced by their curly sheepskin beards sourced from Gotland, adding a touch of cozy texture to their enchanting presence. Handcrafted with care, these gnomes capture the essence of tradition and artistry that define Asas Tomtebod. Embrace the allure of Alfred’s trio and infuse your space with their endearing character, a delightful blend of style and personality that sparks joy and captivates the heart.